9five Commercial


A group of girlfriends begin their Saturday morning getting ready for the days adventure. The girls are at home clowning around as they get dressed. The video will show the girls doing different activities in the house. For example, one of the girls is eating cereal in a tee shirt, panties, and socks. Another girl is in the mirror putting on makeup, while the other girl is frantically throwing clothes around looking for a certain shirt or jacket. On the way out of the door, one of the girls forgets her shades and comes back in, to grab her 9Five shades off of the counter. They then take a trip through Barrio Logan as they make a stop at the coffee shop, stumble upon an active Barrio Logan with lowrider's in the street. The ladies take pictures/selfies with the cars, shop at the flea market and stores, and take a look at some serious art as they eventually pass through Chicano Park. They see that the Barrio skate park is having a small skate session with 9Five’s sponsored skater Darius “Black Ass Woogie” Jackson and a few of his friends. The ladies go over to watch. 


Scene 1: One Bunk (as house)

Girls waking up at One Bunk and getting ready to go out!

  • getting dressed
  • showering
  • eating cereal
  • dancing, relaxing in the backyard.
  • All while wearing 9five

Scene 2: Walking Around Barrio Logan

The women will One Bunk and Explore the Barrio

  • visit Cafe Moto to get a Cafe
  • Walk past the lowrider cars
  • interact with people
  • walk past group of guys
  • Shop at Barrio Flea Market

Scene 3: Chicano Park Skate Park

The group of women's journey will continue to Chicano Park skate Park.

  • b role of skaters doing tricks
  • trying to hit on the girls
  • skate up and give flowers
  • girl gives glasses to kid

Scene 4: Caesar Chavez Park Pier

Final scene will be the group of girls celebrating under the sunset at the pier.

  • glass of Champagne 
  • music
  • lots of spinning
  • head back to Onebunk
Chicano Park Skate Park

Chicano Park Skate Park



Director & DP : Isiah Jones

Producer & Co -director: Ramel J. Wallace


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