9five "Let's Go" Campaign


     The Holyfield would like to create content for 9Five on a monthly basis and develop a new campaign for 9Five in 2018 called the "Let's Go" campaign. The Holyfield is owned and ran by Ramel J. Wallace, who has been a brand ambassador for 9Five for the past 4 years. Participating in 9Five videos with Ana Cheri, Big Krit, collaborating for events and lots more. As of recent Real J. Wallace is starring in a face to face dialogue with 9Fivers in a video about new years resolutions.

        This is one of the first times we have noticed the brand promoting to the blue collar worker, who works a 9 to 5. Many times your audience has come to the conclusion that the brand represents working a 9 to 5. In 2018 it is time to give the people what they want, and pin that tail on the donkey with content & branding. Using the theme of "Let's Go" we at The Holyfield have created a custom 9Fivers song using the themes of working the 9 to 5, in order to escape it. We are here to create content that is captivating, contemporary, dope and most of all FUN.


          The Holyfield is not only a music studio in Barrio Logan, we are  partners with NFU MEDIA connecting us  with various media outlets in Marketing and advertising including Channel 4 with 3.3 million people in the county and 1.4 million in the city & KNSJ 89.1FM which have access to 1.2 to 1.5 million potential listeners. Our in house production and media team of WTO F&S Productions secure quality sound and handle worldwide distribution (itunes, spotify, apple music and 30 different online distributors).


Up to 1 minute Video and/or radio commercials

Create content, songs, videos, freestyles, cyphers ect...

Advertising on 89.1fm Radio

Advertising on Channel 4

Access to Database of The Holyfield, NFU Media and WCP

4 post a month via social media wearing 9five in high res photos which include access to a database of over 1.2 million contacts

Product Placement in all videos, shows and events.

(KNSJ 89.1fm is a  501C3 nonprofit and tax right off for participating sponsors)

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 12.05.04 PM.png

Let's Go Campaign Pricing:

1 year: $5,000

6 months: $3,000

Monthly: $600


All pricing and marketing available for negotiation.

For more info contact (619) 248-1134 or realj@theholyfield.org