Holyfield Artists/Mentors

Leon St. Heron, 31

Is a content creator, Hip Hop artist and Producer. Many know him as the Uncle of San Diego Culture.


David Colon, 25

David is a photographer and an event coordinator. He has extensive experience in the entertainment industry and is a Chef at his Leisure. 


Jeff Mckenzie, Age 22

Jeff is the Host of Blck Xpression and also a very talented Vocalist, songwriter and rapper.


Abjo, 28

Abjo is a producer and a mystery to most. He produced the Album that inspired The Holyfield organization to open it's doors.


Benjamin, 21

Benjamin Huerta is a Filmaker & visionary. His heart speaks in the language of passion and fashion.


Apollo Lason

Apollo is a vocalist and has the personality, professionalism and creativity of a King.


Tealideal, 24

Fuses the realm of yoga and rap together to create music that heals. Tealideal is a songwriter, a vocalist, a DJ, a rapper and a woman of many talents.


Real J. Wallace, 29

is an artist, a storyteller and a producer.


Winter Inter

Is a graphic designer and a producer.



is a Producer and Oceanographer. He is the reason that The Holyfield has the equipment it has now. He is a talent and a philanthropist. 



He is a music producer and an engineer.