Black Xpression Album: Demo Proposal


 We propose the creation of a Black Xpression album recorded at The Holyfield. 

(recording of a demo of Black Xpression's Host Jeff reciting a poem to give you a better idea of what we can create)


                 The Holyfield is not only a music studio in Barrio Logan but we are  partners with NFU MEDIA connecting us  with various media outlets in Marketing and advertising including Channel 4 with 3.3 million people in the county and 1.4 million in the city & KNSJ 89.1FM which have access to 1.2 to 1.5 million potential listeners. Our in house production and media team of WTO F&S Productions secure quality sound and handle worldwide distribution (itunes, spotify, apple music and 30 different online distributors).

All pricing and marketing available for negotiation.

For more info contact (619) 248-1134 or