The Holyfield


The Holyfield is an organization that implements music and education to empower transitional youth. We are a dedicated community of artist and educators that focus of the artistic and personal development of our community members. The Holyfield cultivates culture through music and education.



We envision where every child in our community used The Holyfield technique of music and community to educate themselves about life changing experiences. The Holyfield uses art  to amplify voices and inspire those to empower THEMSELVES. We plan to give the community hands on experience, where they can learn about their passions as they achieve them.



Plant the seed of hope and sustainability in the minds of our community. We want to teach the world how to water themselves and grow into Holyfields, where anything can grow. In 5 years we will make a cultural impactful album that will change the intermingling of media and education for generations.



Many people are recording from home and finding that the environment is not efficient. They need a community in order to achieve their full potential.


How do we increase productivity and creativity?


Create an environment where creating music is easily accessible. The Holyfield blends online and offline communities. Acting has acted as a Record Label, an after school music program, as content creators and many other forms The Holyfield's goal is to bring cultures and communities together through music and education.



Create space in Urban communities geared towards artists, creatives and students. The internet is everywhere but we also have to meet in person.