Internship Program

The Holyfield has partnered with High Tech High's intership in order to bring internships to youth.

Thank you for your interest in the High Tech High internship program in collaboration with The Holyfield. Thousands of HTH students have benefited from an internship experience over the last decade, as have their mentors and organizations.  The HTH Internship program aims to foster personal growth and help students acquire workplace skills in a real-world environment.  We consider internships to be more like an apprenticeship with the close connection between mentor and student during the five weeks.  Further, we believe the internship program makes our students more competitive and leads to 100% college enrollment of all our graduates.

Program Goals

  • He learn how best to get from my home to the internship

  • Give students an opportunity to get to know my mentor a bit better

  • Introduce myself to others at Holyfield recording

  • Begin to think about or further develop project ideas

Final Presentation

  • Immersion -  January 4th-February 2nd with internship Presentations of Learning on February 2nd.  Students should have the option of taking off the MLK holiday.

Sponsor a youth artist to attend The Holyfield thanks to the High Tech High Internship Program, where a high school student can learn about music & education from community artists and entrepreneurs.
Below is a letter written by a student of High Tech High that would like to attend the internship at The Holyfield, his name is Raphael Zatarain. Our goal is to get a gracious person or business to sponsor this studio to attend The Holyfield and have a life changing experience.

Like this program?

You can help continue this program by sponsoring a youth to attend. 

For more info contact (619) 248-1134 or