Hip Hop Creative writer Pitches

Pitch 1    

Pitch 1


Digital ad

Facebook post: Target 14 - 18 year old  Hip Hop/Urban Teens

Title: You know what you could do with $1000 Dollars?

Location: In the city + Recording music + in a group of friends + with a person

Characters: Social Media influencer, public figure, Hip Hop artist

Idea: A diverse amount of young people talking about what they would do with $1000. DO YOU KNOW WHAT I COULD DO WITH $1,000?! I could buy the freshest Jordans, go to that Lebron James school, buy a camera, or a microphone or even a new computer. The last person says, "I spent $1000 on cigarettes last year". Smoking half a pack of cigarettes per day can cost $1,000 per year. Don't waste money making self harming decisions. Lace your boots up and tell yourself that your better than that.

Pitch 2

Pitch 2

Banner Ad

"Smoking damages your appearance including wrinkles, tooth loss and yellow teeth."

Title: “I look too good to use tobacco.”

Location: Youtube Space in La

Character: Social Media influencer, public figure, Hip Hop artist

30 second pitch:

“As a you-tuber I have to be fresh at all times even if I told you I woke up like this. I have friends that smoke and honestly they look tired and beat up. I figured that the fresher I look, the fresher I feel and the fresher I am. So I stay tobacco free because smoking damages your appearance including leaving you teeth yellow and your breath bad. Just image me making this video with yellow tooth, and telling you to stay fresh! I would rather stay Fresh by being tobacco free. Plus I look too good to use tobacco, and If you think electronic cigarettes are cool you must be a fool!

Pitch 3

Pitch 3

TV ad

On average, non-smokers live 10 years longer than smokers.

Title: “I don’t have time to smoke.”

Location: At school + at practice + with family

Character:  Daca recipient. 

30 Second pitch:

“They say time kills, but smoking tobacco kills faster. On average, Non Smokers live 10 years longer than smokers.  Staying fresh makes the 24 hour day short, especially when we spent 8 hours sleeping. Life is too short and time is too precious to waste harming myself. In 10 years I could have completed my Daca and be starting my career.