ABOUT RAMEL aka Real J. Wallace


My great grandma Amelia moved to Barrio Logan/San Diego from Pensacola, Florida in the 60's and my greatest accomplishments are being the son of Nia Hillard and the Grandson of Regina Wilson. My care to this city is inherited and desired by nature. I am a community leader, public figure, recording artist, music engineer, motivational speaker, community leader, entrepreneur and a self proclaimed Living Artist. I am the Co-owner of thChrch, a creative incubator and community space. I am currently the owner of The Holyfield (Community Media Company) in founded in Barrio Logan. My roots as a Hip Hop artist has allowed me to turn my ability to control a crowd and turned it into an ability to run a business and lead a community. As an artist born & raised in San Diego, it is my mission to represent the underrepresented and to speak for the unspoken. I have taken that desire a step further and spoken at Creative Mornings, USD, UCSD, SDSU, A Reason to Survive (ARTS), David's Harp Foundation and many other nonprofits and institutions about how to use art as a form of social activism and therapy. I strongly believe Intolerance can be cured by exposure, but in order for things to be exposed they must be expressed. For the past 10 years I have been encouraging youth to express in order to identify with self. At one point that self was me and learning my own identity. I am currently on the board at the San Diego African American Museum of Fine Art and elevating my craft.

Examples of My Work:

I wrote the script for this video, Edited it and promoted this video. The Last Black man in Barrio Logan ow has 60k Views on Facebook.

I co-produced and starred in this short.

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Excerpt from interview with coffeeandconvos.com/

       "Ray May is an 18 year old from San Diego who has been making music on his own since he was (how old). We have been keeping an eye on his progress and promising him studio time and on Sept 10th 2017 we had a music session with Ray May, and like most sessions it turned into therapy. He explained why he makes music and the struggles he encounters in relationships, family and growing up as a young Black and Filipino man in American. This is one of the many songs that he graced our studio with and we were blessed to have him.

      The Holyfield hopes to provide space and promotion for artist like Ray May to continue to influence the community and capture history as it is happening. The ultimate goal is to continue to help young artist get jobs creative industries and to have a continuous outlet of expression."

- Ramel Wallace

I produced, wrote the script and narrated this video.

Artist History

In 2011 I started my career working with youth at Primetime Harmonium. There I moved up from Activity Leader to Supervisor of my own site. The children's safety, security and wellness is of the upmost concern as well as administrative work and last but not least  fun. I was given the opportunity to run six week specialty programs where I taught youth how to make beats on Garage band. What I observed in my 6 years working with youth is that Art and expression helped children find a passion and a purpose. Little did I know I was discovering a nugget.


In 2012 I started a program at Platt College with a few teachers called Breakbreadtv. The purpose was to empower the students and provide them with artists and business owners to film, record, interview and showcase in other media and art outlets. At the end of the semester I organized a release party that the students turned into a video for the class. The video showcased many of the students, was filmed by students, showcased music that was engineered by the students and was a testament of the success of the program in emerging transitional youth with media, culture and art.  

In 2013 I decided to start my own business called thChrch with a few teachers from Platt College. We all noticed how art was healing to the students and we wanted to create a space where everyone could go to heal themselves through art. To us art was our religion. The first year we were open we gave out free rent to businesses and artist that we knew needed an opportunity. A lot of the times people don't get opportunities or they do not have the money to pursue ownership. We were the bridge between peoples dreams and their reality. Everyone doesn't have the luxury of going to college. We opened up a place that accepted everyone. In the first week of opening nearly 100 graffiti artist came by and helped us create a community piece that brought the community together.



In 2015 I was honored as Delta Airlines Innovation Class winner where I was mentored by Grammy Award winner Ryan Lewis and sent to the Grammy’s for a life changing experience. Throughout this mentorship, Lewis reminded me to respect my craft and to always speak out. This experienced was not only an inspiration to myself; I also saw the way this opportunity inspired others around me. I made it a personal mission to make it back to the Grammy’s one day and continue to chase my dreams of becoming a renowned artist, motivational speaker and community organizer. 


In 2017 thChrch moved to El Paso and I stayed in Barrio Logan with The Holyfield Recording studio.

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Successful incubations


Beatbox Records is a business that Ramel helped bring free rent to BeatBox Records with his creative space called thChrch. Now Beatbox Records has it's own location.


Black Xpression is a poetry night that grew inside of thChrch and eventually expanded. My outreach to different programs brought along the collaboration with Black Xpression. The poetry night still occurs every Friday at a new location. Below is video of an event I put together with Other community coordinators. I brought the Black Xpression crew out to collaborate and continues to set the tone and bring people together to create media that connects people.  


Benjamin Huerta is a 20 year old Film Director and co star of The Block TV (which is now on CW). Together we made a film called Spiritualized.


Abjo is a successful Dj/producer that I has collaborated on an album with and given free studio time through The Holyfield.


Jr. Jarris is a successful Dj/Producer that I have collaborated on music with and given free studio time through The Holyfield.


DNYkAY is a successful Dj/Producer and Oceanographer that I have collaborated on music with and given free studio time through The Holyfield. IN exchange for equipment, partnership and mentorship.


I have continued to build community through art, education, outreach, curation, events and by constantly building relationships with community members and organizations.


David's Harp Foundation 


2017 Open Mic & Short Documentary Screening


In the home facilitating


Speaking at thChrch

Creative Mornings

Affiliations & Collaborations


Thank You